Fineblanking requires a specific triple-action fineblanking press.

Before the cutting process begins, the material will be clamped by a form-locking plate (v-ring plate) between die and v-ring plate as well as between cutting punch and counter punch.

Then the press closes and the part will be cut out. The play between cutting punch and die amounts to approx. 0.5 % of the part thickness.

A fineblanked component shows the following characteristics:

The clean-cut portion that can be achieved on the cut surface itself may almost come to 100%.

The evenness of the part remains.

The stroke rate – depending on form and thickness of the part – is limited to approx. 70 strokes/min. because the part must be ejected out of the die plate after every stroke.

After deburring the parts are ready for assembly and need no further secondary operations.