Ready-to-fit components

It is our aim to be as useful to the client as possible. This entails the supply of ready-to-fit components. It also reduces the co-ordination at the clients and eliminates intersectional problems in the process.

Hydrel offers for its fineblanking range a paramount spectrum of secondary operations.The most common operations are being done in-house others are sub-contracted.







Surface treatment


belt-grinding, brushing, tumble-polishing, sand-blasting

double-disk grinding, single-disc grinding, plain-grinding, cylindrical grinding, polishing

hydrocarbon, water-based wash solution, steam, ultrasonic

coining, semi-piercing, bending, drawing, straightening

drilling, counter-sinking, reaming, milling, lapping, honing, thread-cutting

case hardening, hardening&tempering, annealing, nitriding

zinc-, phosphate-, nickel-, chrome-, copper- and elox. elec. oxyd. process coating, browning and corrosion protecting

automatic or by hand, pressing, screwing, riveting soldering and welding

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